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Security Verification

  • Property

    There are so many uncertainties in the world, including Mother Nature’s surprises. Fortunately, you can protect your HOA against them. By carrying HOA property insurance, you ensure that your property is protected from hail, fire, windstorms, and other common perils. Your existing property insurance policy might not be offering full coverage, leaving you capsized after a storm. We are here to ensure you have this form of full security, allowing you to recover with ease after a loss occurs so you can return to business as usual.
  • General Liability

    You can take thorough preventative action, but Murphy’s Law dictates that accidents will occur. It is how you recover from these incidents that make or break you. Unlike the boilerplate liability policy you may be carrying that could leave you exposed, we can tailor your general liability policy to meet the exclusive needs of your homeowners association. This way, you will have the coverage you need in the event any accident, mistake, or injury takes place on your property.
  • Director & Officer Liability (with EPLI)

    Part of protecting your homeowners association is protecting your board. If one of your directors or officers were held personally liable for an action taken or decision made in service to your HOA, would you be able to protect them? We can customize your policy to offer security that will work hard for the people who work hard for you. The litigious society in which we operate today underscores the importance of obtaining this vital safeguard for your board.
  • Fidelity/Employee Dishonesty

    Unfortunately, not everyone in this world is an Honest Abe. Is your existing policy protecting your homeowners association from possible acts of infidelity and employee dishonesty? The fidelity and employee dishonesty component of your policy will protect your HOA against financial losses resulting from fraudulent board or management acts.

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