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When was the last time you reviewed and analyzed your earthquake risk and accompanying policies? Many are surprised to hear that the majority of earthquake insurance policies are filed with holes and pitfalls that many insurance agents aren’t even aware of. With Scott Litman’s law degree in combination with over 24 years of insurance experience, you can rest assured that any gaps of coverage will be identified and fixed immediately upon review.

Did you know that if you were to ask an earthquake specialist, they would say that it is not a matter of if California will experience an earthquake, but when another quake will arrive? Although it is impossible to predict when an earthquake will occur, having an earthquake policy in place protects your investment no matter when.

Far too many commercial landlords are unaware that earthquake coverage is not included in the standard property insurance policy until it is too late to obtain coverage. Rather than making the mistake of leaving your biggest investment unprotected from one of the most common perils our beautiful state experiences, seek an exclusive earthquake insurance policy that optimizes protection. The last thing you want is to lose your pent-up equity due to earthquake damages.

Contact us today for ultimate earthquake protection. We will identify where your existing coverage is lacking and offer an affordable solution that guarantees your security from California’s most prominent natural disaster.

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Did you know that nearly 90 percent of the policies we review are missing vital coverage options that violate CC&R requirements? Allow us to point out the pitfalls and provide you with the right coverage, all for the best price!

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