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Is your biggest investment adequately protected? Unfortunately, the majority of commercial insurance policies fall short when it comes to coverage, leaving your property vulnerable to physical, financial, and litigious harm. Furthermore, this leaves the companies who rent from you exposed to the risk of losing their place of business. Allow us to utilize our knowledge, experience, and skills to review your policy, identify gaps in coverage, and provide you with the protection you and your tenants need to thrive.

  • Property

    Whether you own a retail shopping center, commercial high rise building, or a commercial business park, you need property insurance to safeguard your investment. Property insurance offers you the feeling of certainty that comes with knowing your property will be protected should a fire, windstorm, or hail impale your business. This will allow you to return to business as usual and recover with ease and confidence. It will also allow you to draw better businesses to your property, as the assurance of great protection will give business owners peace of mind, a priceless asset.
  • General Liability

    Do not let an accident become a catastrophe. Protect your property, yourself, and your tenants from the issues that would arise if an expensive legal battle drained your capital. The litigious nature of today’s society stresses the importance of obtaining the right general liability insurance policy to protect your property. A customizable policy will offer you optimal protection for your property so that any accidents, injuries, or mistakes that take place on your grounds will be covered.

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Did you know that nearly 90 percent of the policies we review are missing vital coverage options that violate CC&R requirements? Allow us to point out the pitfalls and provide you with the right coverage, all for the best price!

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    • 90% of the policies we review are missing coverages that
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