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Can you imagine what would happen if a disaster destroyed your apartment building, leaving you unable to rebuild? What if a lawsuit capsized you financially, sweeping your property away from you? How would you replace that income? What would your tenants do? Over 90 percent of commercial insurance policies lack sufficient coverage, meaning far too many landlords are in a position where this nightmare could become a reality.You can protect yourself by having your policies reviewed by the insurance professionals at Scott Litman Insurance Agency. With over 24 years of insurance experience in combination with Scott Litman’s law degree, you can expect the process of getting the right coverage to be handled with integrity, honesty, and efficiency.
As an apartment owner, you must safeguard your investment from all possible perils, such as fire, hail, and vandalism. Shared premises often complicate the insurance process, so ensuring that both your property and your tenants are protected is key. You work hard to protect your tenants and your property, and deserve to feel confident about the security your apartment building is receiving. We can offer you a customizable property insurance policy that meets your specific needs.

General Liability

The possibility of a lawsuit does not have to keep you up at night. Although there are a plethora of liability risks that owners of apartment buildings face on a daily basis, the right liability insurance policy can safeguard you. Since the last thing you want is for an expensive lawsuit to cause financial ruin to your biggest investment, this coverage is crucial. A general liability insurance policy will protect your building against the cost of injuries, mistakes, and accidents that occur on your property.